This SUV of the skies provides 25 more cubic feet for luggage or cargo. It includes a front hatch to make loading easier, and to take full advantage of the passenger area for cargo or equipment such as Lidar, Scanners, or Video. This is the new AG-915 Javelin.

Cargo hatch open

Since our engine is in the back, we put our cargo loading hatch in the front. Half of the nose is hinged, to swing open and give total access to the passenger side of the aircraft. We can haul big items that others can't. We can utilize all the space in the cabin from front to rear by removing the seat.


Bigger cabin

More legroom and more space between the seats provides the most comfortable cabin for 2 people. The passenger seat can be moved back into the cargo area for total stretch-out room. Or that side of the aircraft can be used for carrying any type of payload. The instrument panel is positioned to be out of the way.

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