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Introducing a new, more fun, more effective approach to
Gyrocopter Flight Training.
The Quest transforms training from circling an airport, doing touch and go take-offs and landings, into a scenario-based program, where you learn to fly doing interesting tasks.

Locate a landmark from the air, perform a control maneuver, and locate another landmark. Learn to navigate while doing an aerial search. Keep progressing through the scenario-based modules until you can locate and hit ground targets from the air, using the laser cannons mounted to the Javelin gyrocopter. Finally, when you are ready, fly the Cat and Mouse scenario, to hit Air to Air targets.

Each step in between, your progress is monitored on our online training tracker, to ensure that you are prepared for the next level. You always have a Certified Flight Instructor on board, ensuring your safety, and your learning. With the Quest, most of your "ground school" is actually accomplished in the air, in real situations, rather than sitting in a classroom. Many of the scenarios can only be accomplished in a gyrocopter, using its unique capabilities. If you think sitting home playing video games is fun, why not get in the sky and actually fly. Pilot training that is based upon fun and exciting scenarios takes fun to the next level - literally.

Airgyro Aviation is the originator of the copyrighted The Quest scenario-based flight training program.

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