About Airgyro Aviation
Airgyro Aviation has been in the gyrocopter business for over 16 years. We have hands-on experience with Groen Brothers Sparrowhawks, Jim Vanek's Sportcopter gyroplanes, Autogyro gyroplanes from Germany, and now with Trendak gyrocopters from Poland. We have trained many people to fly gyrocopters, built many models from kits, maintained many gyrocopters, and sold many different gyrocopters over the years. We have trained people to become Sport Pilots, and Pilots with standard and commercial ratings. We have trained pilots to become Certified Flight Instructors for gyrocopters and fixed wing aircraft.

We hope that our longevity in the industry gives people confidence that if they buy something from us, we will be around to support it in the long run. We hope that our years of experience will give people confidence that we can give trustworthy advice about flying and owning gyrocopters. And we hope that our reputation with our many customers over the years creates goodwill and positive word of mouth references for us. We try to be conscientious about our service and honest in all of our dealings.

We hope that all of this will count with potential new customers when they compare us to many other suppliers in the growing business of gyrocopters. We have learned that it is no fun for a customer to buy an expensive aircraft, get a really good deal, and then find out that they can't get maintenance or parts or answers when they need them. We try to help out customers of our competitors if we can. In the long run, we want the gyrocopter industry to have a good reputation. We have seen the products get better and better every year. We intend to ensure that the maintenance and support in the USA gets better and better every year as well.
What is the correct name for our aircraft?
The Spanish inventor of these aircraft, which have a rotor like a helicopter, but a propellor like an airplane, called his creation an "autogiro". The rotor blade is not driven by an engine like a helicopter, but is always in auto rotation, hence the name autogyro, using the english spelling.

One manufacturer of this type of aircraft in Germany, Autogyro, has a trademark. But their mark is for their logo, their particular representation of the word autogyro, and is not a trademark of the name itself. That name is a public domain name for an autogyro.

However, when Benson Aircraft popularized this kind of aircraft in the USA, they called them Gyrocopters and received a Trade Mark for that name. Benson Aircraft went out of business, and the trademark expired. Subsequently, Molnari, Inc. trademarked the name "gyrocopter". But that trademark has also now expired.

In the meantime, the USA FAA decided to call this type of aircraft a Gyroplane, in their regulations and literature.

Autogyro, gyrocopter, and gyroplane all refer to the same type of aircraft. All three names are in general use, with autogyro more prominent in Europe, and gyroplane more prominent in the USA.

However, Airgyro Aviation prefers the name Gyrocopter. We think it more accurately characterizes the aircraft, which looks more like a helicopter than it does an airplane. The name autogyro doesn't have a recognizable reference to other aircraft like helicopters or airplanes. So, in our communications, we refer to our products as Gyrocopters. But the name autogyro or gyroplane is also correct for this type of aircraft.
Some history of Trendak gyrocopters, headquartered in Poland: