How Trendak Gyrocopters Outperform all of the Competition:

Trendak's Tercel Gyrocopters dominated the 2017 European performance competition winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The competitive tasks included take-off distance, navigation, precision landing, fuel economy, and speed & distance.

"Top Gun" pilots enter the European competitions, flying the aircraft of their choice. Pilots compete against other pilots flying aircraft in the same "class". See the Gyrocopter class results in the chart at the right.

So, how is it that every single pilot flying a Trendak gyrocopter, outperformed all the other pilots in any other brand of gyro? There were 3 pilots flying Trendak Tercels. They won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. (Note that the Zen1 shown in the chart, is the original name of the Tercel.) There were also 3 pilots flying Autogyro MTO Sport gyrocopters in the competition, from 3 different countries. One pilot flew an ALA Eclipse 10.

We had one of the champion pilots, Dariusz, at our headquarters in Utah, the week following the competition. He said that he put in many hours of practice, especially trying to nail the engine-out landings. In fact, he only came in second place because he was less than one meter further from the landing X than the winner, which cost him the points difference. So pilot skill played a big role. But then he told us the other reasons the pilots flying Trendak aircraft won easily. (Note that fourth place finished nearly 3,000 points behind the third place pilot.)

Trendak aircraft won on take-off distance because their Rotax 912 engines have 20 more horsepower than the competition. They have a custom turbocharger, developed at the aeronautical institute at the University of Warsaw in Poland, which gives them 135 horsepower, compared to 115 horsepower for the standard Rotax 914 turbocharged engine. They also have a better pre-rotator which gets them up to near take-off rotor speed before they even start taxiing.

So how did Trendak aircraft also win on fuel economy and distance (using only the allotted 10 liters of fuel) with all that power? Their turbocharger is adjustable, to stay at maximum efficiency. They beat the competition by nearly double.
2017 Gyrocopter Competition Results



Aircraft - Manufacturer

Total Points

Alojzy Dernbach
Zen1 - Trendak


Dariusz Szymanczak
Tercel - Trendak


Marcin Majsterek
Tercel - Trendak


Konstantin Luzhetskii
MTO Sport - Autogyro


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What about navigation? Having windows in the floor, gives the Trendak pilots an enormous visibility advantage. The results prove that.

And landing accuracy, especially the engine-out test? Well Trendak gyroplanes have a better rotorblade, that maintains enertia much better. The design for the rotorblade was also developed at the University of Warsaw. That and the visibility of looking through the floor make for much more precise landings.

To top off their superiority, the Polish pilots racked up more points in total, than any of the teams from any other countries flying any other class of aircraft as well. The Trendak aircraft beat all other classes of aircraft in the tasks of the competition.

How safe is a Gyrocopter?

One of the causes of aircraft crashes is losing an engine. So what happens when you lose an engine in our gyrocopters? The rotor blade, being in free-rotation, will act like a parachute. As you drop faster, it will pick up speed and give you off-setting lift. You don't need to find a place to taxi, so that you can land. You only need a spot big enough to clear the rotor blades. The best way to understand how this works is to see a demonstration. In the video below, the pilot turns off the engine of the gyrocopter. You can see that the propeller is not turning at all. See how he drifts downward under control. He will increase the dive to increase the rotor speed and to give him latitude to hit an exact landing spot.