Flight Training and Support Rates at Airgyro Aviation

Service Instructor and Aircraft Headset Rental Ground Instruction
Gyrocopter Flight Training
$220 per hour
$5 per hour
$55 per hour
Flight training in your gyrocopter
$90 / hour in your aircraft for instructor
$5 / hour
$55 / hour
Introductory flight lesson
$100 for 20 minutes. (Plan on 45 minutes at our location)
Test pilot services for new aircraft
$210 / hour in your aircraft
Ground Classes - All you need to know to pass your pilot exams. Our certified flight instructors add ground training to your flight training. It is easier to learn when combined.
Shop Services - includes maintenance, tools, mechanic etc. $95/hr. (Spare Parts = cost + 10% avg.)

Flight Training and Support Rates at Your Location

Service Instructor & Aircraft Expenses
Flight Training in your gyrocopter
$720 per day including travel days
You pay transportation, food, & lodging + your own fuel
Flight Training in our gyrocopter
$1,000 per day including travel days
You pay food and lodging plus fuel for our gyrocopter.
Services included - Up to four hours per day of in-air instruction is included. Any additional flying hours required will be charged at our regular hourly rate. Weather or mechanical or other delays for flying are at your risk. Other services, such as aircraft inspections, mechanical and maintenance services, and ground training will be charged for at our regular rates.

Financing and Insurance