The Taurus is a three place gyrocopter. It is designed to deliver a bigger payload, and perform work that requires extra size and capacity.
In Europe, this gyrocopter is used for agricultural spraying. It is used for continuous aerial video scanning of terrain. It has a special window in the floor to accommodate photography and other types of scanning. And it is used in surveillance and law enforcement because it can get more eyes in the air: two people plus the pilot.

In the USA, the owner of this aircraft can use it in his business, so long as the use of the aircraft is incidental to the actual business.

Controlled pesticide spraying, which is vastly more precise in a slower-flying gyrocopter, could be done by the owner of the aircraft.

Delivering people or gear to locations where an airplane might not be able to land and take-off, is a possibility.

Getting a sitting-up patient and an attendant to medical assistance, in remote areas, can be done in this gyrocopter, at a tiny fraction of the cost of using a helicopter.

In fact, many of the tasks done by helicopters, can be done by this aircraft, more economically and more safely. This gyrocopter costs less than 1/3 the cost of the cheapest helicopter. It's operating costs are about 1/10th those of a helicopter. And a pilot can learn to fly it, in less than half the time.

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