The important features that set our Gyrocopters apart from the competition

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Wider Horizontal Stabilizer: The weakness of early gyrocopters was a problem of "power push over"; engine thrust tipping the aircraft over and unloading the rotor, or leading to pilot induced oscillation (porpoising) as the pilot pulled the rotor back to compensate.

Raising the cabin up, relative to the engine, so that it receives center-line thrust is a solution that makes for a tall gangly aircraft. So, the better answer is to add a much larger horizontal stabilizer to solve the push-over issue.

Our aircraft have a much wider stabilizer, for maximum stability. Note that the height of this stabilizer is directly aligned with the centerline of the propeller's thrust, to maximize its effectiveness. It is the best solution on the market.
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Dual Tail Booms: When the whole horizontal stabilizer and tail rudders are mounted on a single bent pipe, there is definitely give and vibration. We mounted a camera on a single tail boom Cavalon and recorded the shaking.

Two straight tail booms are much stronger, and nearly vibration free. Our aircraft have rock-solid stabilizers and even have dual rudders for more authoritative control, enabled by the use of dual tail booms.
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Much greater visibility: The joy and the utility of a gyrocopter manifests itself in being able to see your surroundings. Our gyrocopters maximize visibility with a much larger front windshield which wraps down at the sides, and with windows in the front floor, windows in the roof, extended visibility downward in the doors, and even windows behind the doors.

The ability see the runway directly below, through the floor windows, has helped many new pilots judge their landings much better, and master the art more quickly.
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Wider wheel base: With a long rotor spinning overhead, there is a tall force to deal with when taxiing for take-off and landing.

The much wider wheel base of our aircraft give you much greater stability especially when taking off and landing on grass or rough fields. You can taxi on uneven ground, and make turns without being so careful of your ground speed.
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More ground clearance: Grass landings, uneven and rough fields are no problem for our gyrocopters. We have more than double the clearance of the competition, because of our taller landing gear, and also because of our dual tail booms which keep well clear of the ground.

Note that the competition, which uses a single tail boom that curves down under their propeller has almost no ground clearance. That tail boom goes much lower to the ground than the cabin, and will simply drag if a field is not pretty even and smooth.

We know of a pilot who was very thankful for the extra ground clearance. He had to put down in a plowed field. But he was able to taxi through the furrows and across an irrigation ditch and reach a road under his own power.
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More shoulder room: A wider cabin, with more room between the seats is a major comfort advantage of our gyrocopters.

There is also a nice padded armrest between the seats.

A hidden advantage of this extra room between the seats is that the center instrument tunnel is so much wider. That makes it so much easier to access all of the control cables and sensor wires. We have spent hours trying to make a fix in the small tube tunnel of a Cavalon, that only takes a minute or two in the wide tunnel of a Tercel.
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Engine compartment: This is a trade-off advantage that we have come to greatly appreciate. The open bottom of our gyrocopters does not look as streamlined as the fully enclosed Cavalon. But the open area eliminates the heat build-up issues that we had with the Cavalon.

And the marvel of German engineering, that tucks the engine, turbo, radiators and oil coolers, etc. into the tiny cone of a compartment, turns out to be a nightmare when we are trying to reach components to inspect or service them.

With the our design, we can see at a glance, the fuel filters and fuel flow. It is amazing how much easier it is to adjust and service the engine because there is so much extra space.