The Taifun two place, side by side, gyroplane is our top-of-the-line model.
This new model has the most horsepower of any gyrocopter we have ever sold; 135 horsepower with turbocharging, so it delivers the same power at altitude as it does at sea level.

The new fuel injected Rotax aircraft engine is the basis for the power plant. To that, we add the turbocharger developed in our own factory, to achieve this competition-beating performance.

The all new cabin is even more aerodynamic and even more stylish than ever before. The tail booms and the stabilizers are re-designed as well.

But some things, that set the Trendak gyrocopters apart, remain:

The dual tail booms provide a much more stable support for the horizontal and vertical stabilizers. (Compare this to the single pipe design of the competition.)

Also the horizontal stabilizer is placed directly in line with the thrust of the prop. This enhances the performance of the stabilizer, accounting for how stable this aircraft is in all attitudes.
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