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Airgyro Aviation uses Scenario-based Training, so that learning to fly a gyrocopter is more interesting and more realistic.
Experience what it's like to be a pilot, on your very first training flight.
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We train pilots using real scenarios - such as aerial searching.

On the very first experience, you will take the controls and learn how to maneuver the gyrocopter, locating targets on the ground.

If you love it, you can continue with the training course. If not, you will have had an amazing experience.

Is flying, even just once, as a pilot on your bucket list? This is your chance!

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Book Now. Send us a request for a booking, or ask a question. We will respond. Price $280 for a full first-time experience. $30 off for active law enforcement officers.
We also focus on teaching basic principles of flying a gyrocopter so that experienced pilots can quickly learn what the gyrocopter differences are, and avoid mistakes. This also helps beginners learn the right concepts.

About Airgyro Aviation

We have been selling and servicing Gyrocopters for over 16 years. We have proven that we can be relied upon for the long run.

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Gyrocopters can be the safest aircraft flying with a properly trained pilot. Our CFI's have military and civilian experience. We offer a superior scenario-based training method.