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Alvaro Tovar
Uniquely Qualified
Superior CFI
Military Experienced

Email --

Phone -- (801) 794-3434

Mobile — (385) 450-0538
Alvaro comes to Airgyro directly from our supplier factory in Poland, where he spent four years working as a test pilot and as an aircraft mechanic and supervising the preparation and shipping of aircraft overseas.

Alvaro first began flying gyrocopters in the Columbian Military in South America, where he flew drug interdiction missions over the jungles and mountains. He has years of experience flying and supporting our gyrocopters in all kinds of situations and conditions.
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Alvaro next to the gyrocopter he flew in the Columbian Military.
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Alvaro at a pre-flight inspection before taking off on a surveillance flight for the military in Columbia.

How to find our office:

Airgyro Aviation is now located in Rockledge, Florida on the Space Coast. We are about 45 minutes from the Orlando Airport.
We are located right on a private airport, in the middle of the city, called the Flypark. This is Rockledge Airport -21FA. There is almost no air traffic on this airport, making an ideal place to train. See the star on the map below.


Airgyro Aviation
500 Barnes Blvd
Rockledge, Florida


Tuesday to Saturday
9 am to 6 pm

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