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New - Sport Utility Gyrocopter!

25 more cubic feet
Front hatch for cargo access
Flexible arm computer mount

AG-915 Javelin

Introducing the first Sport Utility Gyrocopter. More space inside for cargo and bigger pilots and passengers. Room for Lidar, Scanners, Video Equipment, Packages, etc. Or room for camping gear, folding bicycles, luggage. etc.

More functional cabin

Instruments on pilot side, leaves passenger side totally open.

Computer arm can be used by pilot or passenger. Passenger seat can be moved clear to the back of the new cargo area behind the seats. There has never been so much leg room. Or the entire area can be used for cargo or equipment.

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Front access swing open hatch

Our SUV puts its big cargo access door in the front

Since our engine is the back, we had to put our cargo loading door in the front. We hinged half the nose of the cabin, to give total access to the entire passenger side of the aircraft. We can haul big things that others can't. We can utilize all the space in the cabin from front to rear, easily. It gives access to scanning or other equipment that might be installed. This is the new workhorse of gyrocopters.

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About Airgyro Aviation

We have been selling and servicing Gyrocopters for over 16 years. We have proven that we can be relied upon for the long run.

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Gyrocopters can be the safest aircraft flying with a properly trained pilot. We offer a superior scenario-based training method.