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Airgyro AG2-915 Gyrocopter

Bigger Cabin
More powerful engine
Lower Price

Introducing the biggest, most powerful Gyrocopter we have ever sold. After years of importing European models, Airgyro has worked directly with the manufacturing suppliers in Europe to create our own brand, designed for the USA market at a much better price.

Superior design

For greater safety, responsive flying, and more comfort.

More space between the seats means much more comfort when flying. Convenient controls make flying easier. Bigger windshields including windows in the floor make flying much more interesting.

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Rotax 915-IS Engine

141 Horsepower - Turbocharged

Redundant electronic ignition and fuel injection. Engine Electronic Management System with automatic altitude compensation. More power at any altitude with turbocharging. Shorter take-offs.

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About Airgyro Aviation

We have been selling and servicing Gyrocopters for over 16 years. We have proven that we can be relied upon for the long run.

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Gyrocopters can be the safest aircraft flying with a properly trained pilot. We offer a superior scenario-based training method.